🍭3 in 1🍭 ✅scrub ✅mask ✅soap ✳HOW TO USE: 🛁 1 ball can be cut and divided good for 3 days use. 🛁 Put a small of amount of water to the scrub to make a mallow like texture. 🛁 Apply on desired area of the body or the whole body and leave it on for 5 minutes. This will give you a very fine and smoot skin texture in the first 4 days of use.

🛁 Its best to use it after cleansing your skin

So that the ingredients may set in your skin all day and all night. 🔴 You will visibly notice a flawless and glowing skin within 7 days of constant use. 🔴 Leaving it on your skin for five minutes will gIve you faster results. 🌈 Adjust skin tone to whiter , healthier and glowing skin 🌈 Reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Makes skin more firm. 🌈 Helps smoothens and softens skin for inviting touch. 🌈 Reduce damage marks and dark spots and acne scars. Perfect for Old and new scars even for stretchmarks. 🌈 Prevent new acne. 🌈Replenish old damage skin cell and nourish skin. 🌈 Removes dead skin and moisturizes skin. 🌈 Improve skin tone in multiple level without hazardous substance. 🌈 Reveal and see visible difference on first try. 💜INGREDIENTS:💜 🍭LICORICE 🍭ALPHA ARBUTRIN 🍭STRAWBERRY FRUIT EXTRACT 🍭BLUEBERRY FRUIT EXTRACT 🍭CARROT OIL 🍭VITAMIN E 🍭HONEY