Did you feel your skin is lacking glow and moisture? Well, you would want to try nourishing your skin with our Sexy molato Super fast day facecream. It makes your pores happy and less oily.
    Some facecream will make you hate using it,
    Some facecream will make you lose hope.
    This facecream will do the opposite, it will help you jumpstart a new healthier skin everyday👌
    What's inside our latest face cream?
    1. VCO - moisturizer, rejuvenates skin, anti-aging
    2. pulverized organic Black Jasmine Rice - antioxidant, moisturizer, tones skin, skin lightening and clarifying 
    3. Botanical Placenta - anti-aging, skin firming 
    4. Seaweed Extract - anti-aging, moisturizing, reduces acne, toner
    5. Cucumber Extract - anti-acne, reduces scars and fine lines, soothes skin, lightens skin, tones and tightens skin
    7. Natural Kojic Acid - skin lightening
    8. Vit E - moisturizer, restores and rejuvenates skin, anti-aging
    9. L-lysine - anti-acne, skin firming, wrinkle relaxing
    All of the above ingredients in just 1 cream. It is designed for face and neck 
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    Best if use in conjunction with Our Sexy Molato Night facecream